Hofmann Geodyna™ 7600P - Diagnostic Wheel Balancer with Power Clamp (Post-Con Sale)


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The Hofmann geodyna 7600 series of wheel balancing systems are designed for professional tire stores, car dealerships and multi-bay repair shops. A video wheel balancer for cars and light trucks, the geodyna™ 7600P features the Power Clamp electro mechanical clamping system, a touchscreen user interface and video display. Additionally it has 2D SAPE data entry, smartSonar for non-contact rim width acquisition, the easyWeight pinpoint red laser to aid in weight placement and easyALU for reduced setup time and unparalleled performance on every balancing job.

Hofmann Geodyna 7600p Power Clamp

Power Clamp
Patented automatic Power Clamp electromechanically clamps the wheel accurately with a constant force, reducing the opportunity for chasing weigh.

Hofmann Geodyna 7600p smartSonar

Automatically detects rim width and starts the measuring run as soon as the wheel guard is lowered, with a time savings of 30% compared to manual input and reduced user error.

Hofmann Geodyna 7600p User Interface

User Interface
Graphical user interface employs touchscreen technology and improved ergonomics to allow for fast, intuitive control of every balancing operation.

Hofmann Geodyna 7600p Split Weight Mode

Split Weight Mode
Allows exact placement of weights behind spokes so they can’t be seen from the outside.

Hofmann Geodyna 7600p easyWeight

Pinpoint red laser provides fast, accurate, easy positioning of adhesive weights on the wheel, identifying exact weight placement locations for increased accuracy and productivity.

Hofmann Geodyna 7600p 2D SAPE Data Entry

2D SAPE Data Entry
The 2D SAPE gauge arm enables semi-automatic input of rim diameter and offset.

Hofmann Geodyna 7600l Stop In Position

Stop In Position
Automatically indexes the wheel to the correct position depending on balancing mode once operator selects amount of unbalance. Pedal-operated mechanical lock firmly holds wheel in place.

Hofmann Geodyna 7600 Space-Saving Wheel Guard

Space-Saving Wheel Guard
Flat back panel allows for placement directly against a wall, reducing footprint to save space in the shop.

Specifications geodyna™ 7600p
Maximum Wheel Width 20"
Maximum Wheel Diameter 42"
Maximum Wheel and Tire Assembly Weight 154 lbs.
Shaft Diameter 40 mm
Measuring Speed < 200 rpm
Balancing Accuracy 1g / 0.7º
Rim Diameter - Manual Entry 8" - 32"
Rim Diameter - Semi-automatic Entry 8" - 25"
Rim Diameter - Smart Sonar 3" - 15"
Power Requirements (EEWB765AP) 115V 1Ph 50/60Hz
Power Requirements (EEWB765AP230) 230V 1Ph 50/60Hz
Dimensions 51.7"W x 34.2" D x 72.2"H

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