Corghi Exact Linear - Alignment Machine


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Corghi Exact Linear Wheel Alignment System

Touchless - Clampless Pre-check Aligner

Entry level pricing with top range specifications, small investment with a big turnover. Wheel alignment for everyone.

8-34900028 Single Target Calibration

Single target “B”for calibration

8-34900015 Drive On Assistant

Drive On Assistant for on screen indicator for vehicle positioning on the lift.

8-34900020 Camera Kit

#8-34900020 C.M
Camera movement kit, to work from floor level to 2 meters

  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Precise
  • Reliable
  • Complete
  • Quality at affordable prices

Standard Equipment

Corghi Exact Linear

Installation and training will be provided on the purchase of all new machines except the @120 changer, @601 balancer, TS24 Tire Dunker, IC90 Inflation Station and all Service Pro models

Specifications Exact Linear
Measuring Ranges
Total Toe ± 20°
Half Toe ± 10°
Camber ± 10°
Caster ± 30°
King Pin ± 30°
Set Back ± 22°
Thrust Angle ± 10°
Steering Difference ± 20°
Power Supply
Power Supply Voltage 115-230V / 50-60Hz / 1ph
Power Absorption 500 W
PC Holder Weight 24.2 lbs
Camera Beam Weight 57.3 lbs
Column Weight 145.5 lbs

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