Prokar PK9KACX - 9,000 lb. Capacity Asymmetric Clear Floor - Two Post Lift


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NEW 9K "X" Series Two Post Lifts. The 9K-ACX & 9K-SCX are clear floor & 9K-FX floor plate have been redesigned to now include standard features such as: single piece column construction, internal hose routing, added overhead shut-off bar with kill switch, reduced overall width, drop-in adjustable swivel pads with height adapters, rubber door guards, making these models one of the best two post lift values in the industry!
  • 9,000 lb lifting capacity
  • High Quality Construction
  • Chain Drive
  • Dual Point Lock Release
  • Saddle Pad Adapters included (1 pair
  • Powder coat finish

New Features

  • 1) Single Piece Column construction (PK9KACX - PK9KSCX)
  • 2) Padded ‘Shut-Off’ Bar w/ Kill Switch (PK9KACX - PK9KSCX)
  • 3) Low Profile ‘drop-in’ Swivel Pads w/1-1/2” adjustable height
  • 4) 4ea Stackable 1-3/8” & 4” ‘drop-in’ Height Adapters
  • 5) Reduced overall Width w/ front-side Power Unit mounting
  • 6) Internal Hose Routing w/ integrated Hose Guards
  • 7) Rubber Door Guards
Specifications PK9KACX
Capacity 9,000 lbs.
Overall Height 142.7"
Width Overall w/Power Unit 141"
Max Lift Height 72"
Width Between Columns 110.4"
Min Pad Height 4"
Drive thru Clearance 93.7"
Lifting speed 50 sec
Asymmetric / Symmetric Asymmetric
Clear Floor / Floor Plate Clear Floor
Long Arm Reach - Min/Max 28.5" - 41.4"
Short Arm Reach - Min/Max 37.1" - 57.2"
Ceiling Height Required 144"
Max Load Per Arm 2,250 lbs.
Power 220V - 20 AMP - 1 PH
Ship Weight 1,390 lbs.

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