Challenger VLE10 - 10,000 lb. Capacity Versymmetric® 2 Post Lift

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Challenger VLE10 Versymmetric® ALI 2 Post Car Lift 10,000 lbs

Supersedes LE10

View the VLE10 manual here.ALI Certified

Challenger Lifts’ Versymmetric® technology brings flexibility to any service bay while also ensuring the safe lifting of any vehicle. Versymmetric® lift technology, established in 1992 by Challenger®, combines a Symmetric and an Asymmetric lift into one!

Safely accommodating vehicles from compact cars to full size trucks, our Versymmetric® lifts can do it all by using heavy-duty columns and arms. Meaning you can service a wide range of vehicles all from the same service bay.

Whether you’re looking for efficiency or are just simply short on space, this Challenger Lift is right for you.

Challenger VLE10 Versymmetric Arms
  • Challenger’s Versymmetric® Technology, with 3-Stage offset front arm design, allows for the safe symmetric lifting of trucks or asymmetric lifting of other small vehicles within the same service bay.
  • Direct Spot Technology™, created by the Versymmetric® offset arms, allows you to save time on spotting a short wheelbase vehicle by eliminating the need to struggle with the tires.

Any Vehicle. One Bay.
The left image shows a standard passenger car best lifted asymmetrically to allow the technician easy access to the car’s interior. The right image shows a truck with a possible “load” in the back. This type of vehicle lifts best symmetrically as the front arms position forward, distributing the weight evenly between the two columns. While each image demonstrates a different way of lifting, with Versymmetric®, both methods are possible all from one bay.

  • 3-Stage Versymmetric® front arms and 2-Stage rear arms provide a wide arm sweep for asymmetric and symmetric lifting in the same service bay.
  • 11.875” standard height fits in service bays with 12’ ceiling height.
  • Double telescoping screw pads with rubber foot pad.
  • Padded overhead shut-off system prevents vehicle damage.
  • Jacketed pulley-less single-point mechanical lock release system that was once exclusive to our CL series lifts are now standard on the VLE10.
  • Rubber door guards protect vehicle from door damage.
  • Premium powder coat finish provides long-lasting durability.
  • Plated arm restraints and arm pins inhibit rust and provide long-lasting durability

Supersedes LE10


Lift Capacity1

10,000 lbs. (4536kg)
A - Rise Height (Screw Pads at Highest Position) 74.75”
B - Overall Height Standard: 143.875” / Extended Height: 167.875
C - Overall Width 131.625”
D - Drive-Thru Clearance 98.375”
E - Floor to Overhead Switch Standard: 137” / Extended Height: 161
F - Front Arm Reach 22.3125” - 39.375”
G - Rear Arm Reach 38.375” - 55.375”
H - Screw Pad Height
I - Inside of Columns 110.25"
Rise Time2 44 seconds
Ceiling Height Required Standard: 12’ / Extended Height: 14’
Motor / Voltage 2HP / 208v-230v, 60Hz, 1Ph

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