Corghi AM26 Artiglio Master - Touchless Tire Changer


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Corghi AM26 Artiglio Master Touchless Tire Changer

The Artiglio Master ends the age of levers, physical effort, worries about the delicate rims and dangerous stresses on tires, and the headache of constantly having to deal with new rims in a fast-evolving sector.

The operating principle underlying this revolution is absolutely innovative and unique: electronic presetting of the wheel diameter followed by automatic positioning of all the tools, the lift that loads and unloads the wheel in the optimal position, automatically operated bead breaker unit with controlled penetration, the automatically operated tool head that mounts and demounts the tires without a lever in sight; and all this without the operator having to move from the working position, since all the controls are placed together on an ergonomic console that allows operation in complete safety, ensuring maximum accuracy and optimizing the times.

Furthermore, thanks to the new “MI POWERED SYSTEM” built-in inverter motors, the number of turns of the turntable under stress adjusts so as to keep the torque constant, with great benefits in particular for Low Profile and Run Flat tires.

The automatic speed selection according to the effort required by the machine means ease of intervention even on traditionally difficult tires, as well as working time optimisation and energy saving compared to conventional motors. We have improved what the others are still trying to achieve.

AM26 display panelDisplay Panel
Display allowing electronic setting of the rim diameter with positioning of all working tools, reading of the pressure inside the tire during the inflation cycle, and selection of the PAX system working procedure.

AM26 Control Console

Control Console
Control console subdivided into three separate working areas, for more immediate movement recognition, and easier use by the operator.

AM26 Mounting and Demounting ToolMounting/Demounting Tool
The mounting/demounting tools and bead breaker disk positioning is electronically managed by the machine according to the rim diameter, so as to ensure optimal working distances in any situation.

AM26 Universal Wheel Clamping

Universal Wheel Clamping
New, even quicker and more universal wheel clamping. system.

AM26 Wheel LiftWheel Lift
Integrated pneumatically operated wheel lift for easy positioning of the wheel on the turntable with absolutely no operator effort. (Corghi Patent)

Bead Breaking
Controlled penetration bead breaking movement

AM26 bead breaking

Tire Bead
Automatic location of the tire bead, with no contact with the rim itself, regardless of its shape.

AM26 Automatic Tire Bead

AM26 Demounting

Demounting the top bead. The simultaneous retraction of the tool and the turntable which clamps the rim, ensures the correct working tolerance between the two parts, and minimises the stress on the tire bead.

Integrated Pneumatic Presse
The integrated pneumatic presse facilitates bead release from the tool by tilting the tire.

The extension fitted on the presser facilitates bead release from the tool by tilting the tire, especially when working on reverse rims.

AM26 Pneumatic Press

Mobile Clamp
With mobile clamp (Patent Pending)

AM26 Mobile Clamp

AM26 2 Bead Pressing arms

2 Bead Pressing-Arms
Simultaneous use of the two bead breaker arms allows adjustment of the tire position on the rim (optimisation),reducing unbalances, and allowing both beads to be broken at the same time where possibile.* (*with tires at least 6” wide)

AM26 Van Rim Kit

Van Rim Kit

AM26 Rim Flange

Rim Flange
Universal closed rim flange.

AM26 WheelFlange

Wheel Flange
Reverse rim wheel flange

AM26 TI System Kit


Lower View Camera
Lower view camera and electronic inflating device (available with the machine only)

AM26 Lower View Camera

  • Available in electric only.
  • Automatic mount/demount
  • Computerized system
  • Push-button technology
  • 12” to 26” rim diameter
  • No pry bars or tire tools
  • No damage to wheels, tires, operator
  • Pneumatic wheel lift

Installation and training will be provided on the purchase of all new machines except the @120 changer, @601 balancer, TS24 Tire Dunker, IC90 Inflation Station and all Service Pro models

Standard Accessories

  • A) Locking Pistol #5-100683C
  • B) Spacer #263436A
  • C) Mini Plastic Cone (2”) #462414B
  • D) Small Plastic Cone (3”) #462415B
  • E) Universal Cone (4.7”) #4-102353A
  • F) Yellow Plastic Cone Cover #461668C
  • G) Medium Cone (5.7”) #4-102346
  • H) Universal Grease Bucket Holder #5-101236
  • I) Light Truck Kit #8-11100037
    • Large Plastic Cone (7.3”) #461667E
    • Light Truck Spacer #9005-100690
  • J) Bead Clip f/RFT #801262417
  • K) Inflation Kit #801260961
  • L) Yellow Insert for MD Head #461489A


Specifications AM26
Max. Tire Diameter 40"
Max Wheel Width 15"
Wheel Diameter 12” to 26”
Turnable Torque 811 ft-lb
Turnable Speed 7 rpm/18 rpm
Power Requirements 110 V / 1PH / 50 Hz
Air Requirements 130 psi
Dimensions - Max 63" H x 48" W x 78" D
Weight 992 lbs.

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