Atlas CYCLFTXLT-FPD - 1,000 lb. Capacity Motorcycle & ATV Platform Lift

Atlas Equipment

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Features & Benefits

1,000 lb. Capacity
Standard Cyclelift with Side Extension Kit
48" Table Width (with extension kit installed)
93" Extended Table Length Standard
33" Full Lift Height
Diamond Plate Surface
Air Operated (External Air Supply Required)
Removeable Rear Section for Wheel Removal
Foot Pedal Control Included
Front Wheel Vise Included
Wheeled Dolly to Help Move Lift Included
1 Year Warranty
Shipping Weight: 700 lbs.
The Atlas® Cyclelift XLT has all the great features of our Atlas® Cyclelift with the addition of a side extension kit. The lift has one of the industry's longest (standard) platforms in the industry, 93 inches long. Installing the extension kit on the Cyclelift extends the platform to 48" wide and allows the user to raise up ATV's, UTV's, Golf Carts, and Lawnmowers.

The Atlas® Cyclelift XLT is air operated and requires between 90-100 PSI to operate. The Cyclelift XLT is the perfect addition to any service department of professional motorcycle dealers or small equipment service shops. The Cyclelift XLT is also great for the Mr Homeowner who wants to work on their own personal bike, ATV, lawnmower or other similar vehicles at home.

This is a complete ATV lift that includes the side exension kit consisting of two 12" side extensions, two 12" ramp extensions, and a wheeled dolly. The Cyclelift XLT also includes standard the stabilizing bar, this bar provides greater stability for the raised platform by increasing the “footprint” of the lift. Many companies do not include this very important stabilizing bar in their “lift package”. Other popular features include the padded front wheel vise, 19 1/2" long rear removable plate, and a wheeled dolly to assist in moving the lift.

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