Challenger CL10V3 - 10,000 LB Capacity 2 Post Lift

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Challenger’s CL10V3 model features our exclusive Versymmetric® technology to allow you to service the widest range of vehicles and maximize your bottom line. 3-stage front and 3-stage rear arms with our industry-first directSPOT™ design eliminate the need to shuffle a vehicle back and forth to swing the front arm clear of the tire to reach recommended lift points. Accurate first-try spotting will boost your productivity as well as reduce frustration in your shop.

Features & Benefits

  • 10,000 lb. lift capacity
  • Versymmetric® offset front arms provide directSPOT™ to vehicle lift points and safely lifts both symmetrically and asymmetrically within the same service bay maximizing service capabilities and revenue potential
  • Oversized 5" diameter pulley and heavy duty 5/16" cable reduces stress on equalization system and increases cable life
  • 48" elongated carriage design increases lift life
  • Standard model fits 12" ceiling height. Additional 2 foot or 3 foot extensions available
  • Padded overhead shut off system prevents vehicle damage
  • Premium double telescoping screw pads adjust to multiple heights minimizing the need for adapters
  • Fully gusseted base plate design increases column rigidity
  • Pulley-less jacketed single-point lock release system makes for smoother, easier operation and longer life
  • Standard dual integrated rubber door guards help protect vehicle panels from inadvertent damage
  • Plated arm restraints and arm pins inhibit rust and provide long-lasting durability
  • Premium powder coat finish provides long-lasting durability
CL10V3 CL10V3-2

Lift Capacity*

10,000 lbs. (4535kg)
A Rise Height1
74-1/8" (1908mm)
B Column Height
11' 8"
13' 8"
C Cylinder Overall
(Full Stroke)
11' 11" (3632mm)
D Adjustable Width Overall
11' 6-1/2" / 11' 11"
(3518mm / 3632mm)
E Drive-Thru Clearance2
100-1/2" / 105"
(2553mm / 2667mm)
F Floor to Overhead Switch2
11' 2-1/2"
13' 2-1/2"
G Front Arm Reach (Min/Max)
Min. 19-13/16" / Max. 42"
(956mm / 1524mm)
H Rear Arm Reach (Min/Max)
Min. 37-5/8" / Max. 60"
(956mm / 1524mm)
I Screw Pad Height3
Min. 3-7/8" / Max. 6-1/2"
(98mm / 161mm)
J Inside Columns2
110" / 114-1/2"
(2794mm / 2908mm)
K Low Lock Height
12" (305mm)
208v - 230v (Single Phase Standard)4
Speed of Rise
48 seconds
Max. Load per Arm
2,500 lbs. (1134kg)
Ceiling Height Required
13' 9"

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