Atlas 412A - 12,000 lb. Capacity 4-Post Alignment Lift

Atlas Equipment

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The Atlas® 412A 12,000 pound capacity four post lifts are designed and built to commercial grade standards and will provide many years of service. Our Atlas® alignment lifts offer many exclusive features not found on many other competitor's lifts. Each Atlas® 412A alignment lift includes a set of front turntables. The turntables can be set in different positions on the runway to accommodate a wide variety of wheelbases. There is also a FREE air line kit ($300 value) included when you purchase the “combo package” (2-rolling jacks). The slip plates are built into the runways and are level with the front turntables. There are included metal cover plates (that cover the cut-outs for the turntables) so that the vehicle is not sitting on the turntable if the lift is not being used for alignment.

The Atlas® 412A (12,000 LB. capacity alignment lift) incorporates many structural and cosmetic features that are found on lifts costing thousands of dollars more money. The Atlas® 412A is tested to ensure that this alignment lift system will perform flawlessly at its rated capacities. The Atlas® 412A has been manufactured to the same exacting specifications for many years.

The Atlas® 412A uses a high strength cable system (with a under runway oversized hydraulic cylinder) powered by a 220 volt (single phase) power unit to raise and lower the lift. Many competitors use an "old style" chain lifting system with an exposed hydraulic cylinder system. Old style chain lifts are difficult to "level" properly and the exposed hydraulic cylinder is responsible for numerous "door dings".


Specifications 412A
Capacity 12,000 lbs
Lifting Height 76 1/4" (6' 4 1/4")
Height of Columns 82" (6' 10")
Overall Width w/ Motor 135" (11' 3")
Overall Width w/o Motor 126" (10' 6")
Overall Length w/Approach Ramps 230" (19' 2")
Overall Length w/o Approach Ramps 200" (16' 8")
4-Wheel Alignment Wheelbase 154" Max / 82" Min
2-Wheel Alignment Wheelbase 157" Max / n/a Min
Length Between Columns 184 1/4" (15' 4 1/4")
Runway Length 186 1/2" (15' 6 1/2")
Runway Width 22" (1' 10")
Runway Thickness 7 3/4"
Width Between Runways 44 1/2" (3' 8 1/2")
Width Between Runway Rails 42" (3' 6")
Outside Runway to Outside Runway 84 3/4" (7' 3/4")
Clearance Under Runways 68 1/2" (5' 8 1/2")
Size of Column 7" x 5"
Base of Column 10 1/8" x 9"
Clearance Between Columns 112 1/4" (9' 4 1/4")
Maximum Wheel Base 175" (14' 7")
Drive Thru 98 1/2" (8' 2 1/2")
Cable Diameter 1/2"
Motor 2 HP 220V +/- 5% (209-231volts) 1 phase
30 amp breaker is required.
Oil Requirement 3-5 Gallons AW32/AW46
Weight 2,700 LB.

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