Atlas Platinum PTC300 - Electric/Pneumatic Tire Changer w/Left-Hand Assist Arm

Atlas Equipment

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The new Atlas® Platinum PTC300 represents the evolution of the most familiar tire changer configuration found in high volume tire shops around the world. The PTC300 is an Italian engineered Swing-Arm Tire Changer that comes standard with a Left-Hand Bead Pressing and Bead Lifting Assist Arm to make changing the most challenging tires a breeze.

The PTC300 boasts a 26-inch clamping capability, high torque 110V electric turntable, anodized aluminum bead breaker cylinder, integrated bead blast system, and a 2-year warranty. The Atlas® Platinum range of wheel service equipment incorporates the highest quality Italian components and engineering to assure it is the best value available at its price point.

  • Star-Shaped Turntable Design
  • Complete With Internal Bead Seating System
  • 110V
  • Inside - Rim Clamp: 12" - 26"
  • Outside - Rim Clamp: 10" - 24"

Specifications PTC300
Max Tire Diameter 43"
Max Tire Width 15"
Rim Clamping Range 10" - 26"
Outside Locking Rim Clamp 10" - 24"
Inside Locking Rim Clamp 12" - 26"
Bead Breaker Cylinder Force At 145 PSI 6924
Rotating Speed 7 rpm
Operating Pressure 145 psi
Rotating Speed 7 rpm
Motor/Electrical Requirement 110V
Gross Weight 620 lbs

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