ProKar PKRJ-45 - 4,500 lb. Capacity Rolling Jack


Please call us for customization options.

The PKRJ-45 Rolling Jack is a scissor style rolling bridge jack designed to be mounted in a four-post lift’s jack rails. Manual pump operation requires no air making for a clean, uncluttered work environment for the professional shop and the car enthusiast. The scissor style jack allows for level, wheels free lifting to expand your four post lift’s capabilities.

Specifications PKRJ-45
Lifting Capacity 4,500 lbs.
Lifting Height 3.75” - 11.00”
Lift Height 1 1/2” Extension 5.25” - 12.50"
Lift Height 5” Extension 8.75” - 16.00"
Arm Extension 34.25” - 57.48"
Base Adjustability 33.9” - 49.6"
Pad Height Above Runway 3.75"
Dimensions 34.25” L x 22.05” W x 7.48" H
Shipping Weight 363 lbs.

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