ProKar PKTC-530 - Tire Changer


Please call us for customization options.

The ProKar PKTC-530 Tire Changer has a swing arm style with manual mount/demount and four pneumatic clamps, along with double acting cylinders. The side mounted bead breaker on this PKTC-530 Tire Changer is ideal, as well as the bead seating inflation jets in the clamping jaws.


  • Swing arm style
  • Manual mount/demount
  • Four pneumatic clamps and double acting cylinders
  • Side mounted bead breaker
  • Bead seating inflation jets in clamping jaws
  • Lubricator, water separator and air pressure regulator 


  • Max. Wheel Diameter: 38"
  • Max. Wheel Width: 3" - 12"
  • Rim Diameter Inside: 12" - 23"
  • Rim Diameter Outside: 10" - 20"
  • Working Pressure: 8-10 bar
  • Power Supply: 1hp 110v
  • Bead Breaker: 2500kg
  • Shipping Weight: 508 lbs

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