Tire Changers - Quick Buy Guide

Tire Changers - Quick Buy Guide

May 24, 2021

In this guide, we will be exploring Tire Changers, and how to find the right one for you.


Tire Changers have a rather self-explanatory name; they are machines used to change automotive tires. These machines mechanically separate a tire from the rim. We can divide tire changers by how they remove tires.


Table-top tire changers are the most used, being quick and easy to use. They attach to the outside of the rim, and roughly remove the tire, usually with a swing-arm that must be adjusted to the wheel-size. These are the most inexpensive tire changers.


Tilt-back tire changers are more complex in design, and are suitable for a wide-variety of wheel sizes. Because of its tilt-back design, minimal effort is needed to reorient the tire changer to be used with differently-sized wheels. These are the middle-priced tire changers.


Though most inexpensive tire changers need the user to manually loosen the tire from the rim, leverless tire changers feature a tool that loosens the tire from the rim with the press of a button. Automatic leverless tire changers are the easiest to use, allowing the user to perform most functions with a few button presses. These tend to be the most expensive tire changers.

If your shop deals with one size and type of wheel, table-top, swing-arm tire changers are an adequate, affordable choice. However, if you are a high-performance garage that services a variety of vehicles and wheel-types, buying a more expensive, automatic tire changer more than justifies the increased cost.

It is important to note that the simpler the machine, the easier it is to maintain and repair. There is a greater cost involved when buying a leverless, automatic tire changer; the cost of servicing it on a regular basis.

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