USED Hunter DSP600 - Alignment Machine

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The Hunter Alignment Sensors, No. DSP600 feature a patented design that speeds alignments, reduces downtime and provides a higher return on investment, according to the company. DSP600 Sensors utilize four high-resolution, digital cameras that offer the same high-speed screen updates as conventional sensors. Mounted on a pedestal, high enough to stay out of harm’s way, the patented four-camera system projects a wide field of view to continuously monitor wheel target position and orientation over a range of alignment lift heights. 

Software Requirements

DSP600 Sensors can be used with:
• Any Hunter 811 or newer aligners running
WinAlign® 7.0 or newer software
• Any Hunter 211/411/611 console that has
been upgraded to a Series 811 aligner

Special Lift Information

DSP600 Sensors can be used with:
• Hunter RL & RM Lifts
• Hunter D1 & D2 Diagnostic Racks
• Hunter Power Lifts
• Hunter RX Scissor Lifts
• Hunter 4-Post Lifts
• Hunter 2-Post Lifts ordered before 01/01/99:
- L202-SB (use of DSP600 Sensors not recommended
for use with short 93˝ beam installations).
- L202 or L201 (standard 100˝ offset beam
must be upgraded to 100˝ symmetric beam,
Part Number: 118-624-1).
• Hunter 2-Post Lifts ordered after 01/01/99:
- L202-LB (recommended use of 103 1/2˝
offset beam ideal for DSP600 installations).
- L202 Standard (for narrow bays substitute
symmetric beam, Part No: 118-624-1, for
100˝ offset beam, Part No: 118-582-1).

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