ProKar PKTC-400M-B - Motorcycle Tire Changer


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The PKTC-400M-B motorcycle tire changer is specifically designed for changing motorcycle and ATV tires with an outside clamping range of 6” – 24”. The design includes raised clamps to allow for clamping of most motorcycle wheels with disc brakes and drive components still installed. Our clamp is designed to limit damage to the clamped wheel as all touch points are plastic. In addition we provide both an ATV (smaller) and motorcycle (larger) demount head that includes plastic protection to wheels. 


  • Outside clamping
  • Four adjustable clamps for full clamping range
  • Double acting pneumatic cylinders for powerful clamping
  • Plastic clamps protects wheels from scratching
  • Powerful bead breaker
  • Easy to use hand held inflation gun
  • Regulator, oiler and water trap included
Specifications PKTC-400M-B
Max Wheel Width 12.5"
Max Tire Diameter 38"
Outside Clamping Range 6" - 24"
Working Pressure 125PSI
Power 110V / 15 Amp / 1Ph

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