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Mahle ACX2120H ArcticPRO® R134A Refrigerant Handling System - Hybrid Certified


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Mahle ACX2120H is Hybrid SAE J2788 compiant and consistently outperforms competitive models with the fastest service times and the best accuracy. ArcticPRO® equipment from Mahle Service Solutions offers a full range of choices in A/C Service equipment. All of our ArcticPRO® models offer superior productivity, better system performance and better functionality than competitive models. When you select an ArcticPRO® machine from RTI/MAHLE Service Solutions, you’re getting the added value of an array of customer care solutions including nationwide service centers, and factory setup and training.

Features and Benefits


  • R134a. Fully recover and recharge in any climatic condition.
  • Vacuum Leak Test. Monitors level after evacuation, informs of possible leak.
  • Automatic Air Purge. Eliminates contaminated air without monitoring gauges or opening valves.
  • Shock-Mounted Load Cells. Ensures stable calibration and charge accuracy.
  • Automatic Oil Drain. Display reminds you to empty the graduated container and shows the amount of oil to replace.
  • Ergonomic. Designed with unobstructed accessibility for easy maintenance.
  • Hybrid Function. Capable of servicing high voltage electric compressor A/C systems.




  • Certifications                                   J2788, J2099, UL1963
  • Charge Performance                      +/-0.5 oz at 70 degrees to 75 degrees F
  • Charging Cylinder                           30 lb. (13.6 kg) DOT
  • Compressor                                    3/8 HP-0.279kW, pressure protected, balanced start-up,oiled,                                                              hermetically sealed
  • Dimensions (H x W x D)                 40 in x 23 in x 33 in (101.6 cm x 58 cm x 84 cm)
  • Weight                                            187 lbs (85 kg)
  • Filter Drier Capacity                        150 LB (75 kg) spin-on type
  • Hoses                                              9 ft. (2.75 m)
  • Languages                                      English, French, Spanish
  • Operating Ranges                           50 degrees -122 degrees F
  • Power Source                                 120 VAC - 60 HZ - 12 AMP
  • Vacuum Pump                                 50 L/min (1.8 CFM) dual stage
  • Warranty                                          2 Years - Parts & Labor

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