Hofmann Geoliner 590 - Mobile Wheel Alignment System


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The Hofmann® geoliner® 590 Mobile Wheel Alignment System combines imaging alignment technology in a fully portable package. It provides advanced technology and software to enable speed and efficiency at an affordable price. The geoliner 590 leverages a wireless communication system with Bluetooth® technology, and cordless pods powered by lithium ion batteries providing mobility and flexibility.

  • Patented EZ-TOE - Turn the front wheels and access difficult adjustment points while still displaying centered toe readings
  • Ride Height Measurement - Measure ride height and obtain proper alignment specs for those vehicles requiring it
  • Unmatched Mobility - Bluetooth® enabled wireless communication to sensor pods allowing the technician 330 feet (101 meters) of freedom - even in areas known to have high electrical interference
  • Durable, Long-Lasting Hardware - Magnesium pods, targets and aluminum clamps are durable, impact-resistant and lightweight
  • Battery Notification - Alert notifies the technician when the pod’s battery needs to be charged. Provides a full day of operation without charging on most applications
  • Manufacturer Specifications - Extensive OEM specs allow quick and accurate vehicle selection
  • Help Videos - View detailed help videos of how to make needed adjustments to complete even the most complex tasks
  • Customer Reports - Enhance customer satisfaction with personalized reports showing readings before and after service

Standard Accessories

  • X-Light™ Wheel Clamps
  • Brake Pedal Depressor
  • Steering Wheel Holder
  • Two Wheel Chocks
  • Color Inkjet Printer
Hofmann geoliner 590 features

Supersedes geoliner™ 550


Specifications geoliner™ 590 EEWA717C
Tire Diameter Up to 37" (Up to 94 cm)
Wheel Size 13" - 24" (33 cm - 61 cm)
Track Width 48" - 96" (122 cm - 244 cm)
Wheelbase 79" - 180" (201cm - 457cm)
Power Requirements 100-240V AC 1Ph 50/60Hz
Shipping Weight 400 lbs (181.44 kg)

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