CEMB DWA1100ADAS - Wireless Wheel Alignment System w/ADAS


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Maximize labor profits when repairing and calibrating ADAS Systems. The DWA1100ADAS represents the perfect package between mobile wheel alignment capability and ADAS calibration set up efficiency. After the alignment, the same CCD front axle sensors are placed on the ADAS support panel calibration bar by means of universal adaptors; leaving the rear axle sensors in their standard rear axle mounted location. With a single key-press, the technician is able to quickly and simply position the ADAS panel in respect to the vehicle thrust angle in both perpendicular and centering adjustment preparation.

What Is ADAS?
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is changing the landscape of the automotive world. Lane departure warning, collision braking systems, auto adaptive cruise control and fully autonomous driving systems are all using ADAS derivatives. ADAS uses numerous cameras, sensors and inputs and can take over the vehicle to correct the steering, braking or accelerator to stay safe on the road.

Warning SignAdditional adjustments to ADAS calibration panels and processes are required. Always consult the vehicle manufacturer for specific repair information.

  • ADAS Calibration Assistance Reduces Panel Set Up Time and Uses Vehicle Thrust Angle
  • Wireless Bluetooth2 Cordless Communication
  • Long Lasting Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries
  • Robust State, Light Weight 5.5 lb. Sensors
  • Easy to Learn, Simple Software with Advanced Features & Vehicle Specs
  • Vehicle Specs with Illustration Adjustments Covers Most Models Back 30 Years.
  • Optional Bar Code VIN Scanner Available


  • CEMB DWA1100 with ADAS CCD Kit
  • Two Universal Adaptors for the ADAS Support Panel Calibration Bar
  • Software Update and Activation USB Key

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