Challenger CLHM-140 (Set of 4)

List price- $63,342.60

Our Price- $45,361.52


Delivery Options

I have a forklift for unloading at my listed shipping address.
No, I cannot get it unloaded.

Optional Challenger Accessories

Crossbeam Adapter (32,000 lbs.) (Add 3301.44)
End Lift Adapter (9,000 lbs.) (Add 2787.99)
Forklift Adapter (15,000 lbs.) (Add 6735.87)
Third Wheel Forklift Adapter (Add 2184.09)
Cab Off Adapter (1,500 lbs.) (Add 2456.48)
Small Wheel Adapter (Add 385.08)

Short Support Stand (20,000 lbs. 20″-32″) (Sold in pairs) (Add 906.94)
Medium Support Stand (20,000 lbs. 30″-52″) (Sold in pairs) (Add 1244.83)
Gas-assisted High Stand (14,000 lbs. 53″-72″) (Sold individually) (Add 1376.01)
Gas-assisted High Stand (20,000 lbs. 53″-72″) (Sold individually) (Add 1593.01)

Clutch jack (300 lbs.) (Add 2546.09)
Transmission Jack (2,200 lbs.)(Add 10012.50)
Magnetic light kit (sold in pairs) (Add 410.94)
Wheel Dolly (1,200 lbs.) (Add 6246.55)
Rear Axle Restraint (2,000 lbs.) (Add 725.75)
Touch Screen Glare Shield (Add 256.16)
Full Cover for Mobile Column (Sold individually) (Add 496.23)
Half Cover for Mobile Column (Sold individually) (Add 215.04)
Challenger HM-140
44,399.20 USD


Features and Benefits

  • 14,000 lb. or 19,000 lb. capacity columns
  • Hydraulic operated units provide 28,000/38,000 (set of 2) or 112,000/152,000 lbs. (set of 8) lifting capacity
  • A 110-volt built-in multi-stage charging system
  • Wireless system for clutter-free work area without cables to connect, navigate, roll-over or replace
  • Adjustable wheel carriage adapts to most tire sizes
  • 12 radio frequencies with a wide channel range prevent radio noise from interrupting service
  • Linear position transducers maintain system synchronization and ensure maximum reliability
  • Integrated touch screen control console at each column allows operation from any unit
  • Precisely balanced design, heavy-duty tow handle and spring-loaded wheels for easy mobility
  • Operates with 12-volt deep cycle batteries eliminating the need for power source hookups and providing 24-volt operation
  • Integrated weight gauges help prevent column overloading and verify lock engagement
  • Wide range of accessories available to further customize your columns to lift specialty heavy-duty trucks, transit and municipality vehicles, forklifts, cab removal of standard pickup trucks and more


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