Challenger 4P14XFX 4P14series Ex-Length Hydraulic Four Post Lifts 14,000 lbs

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Our Price- $5,709.25 


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Optional Accessories Available

32 Gallon Capacity Oil Drain Pan Kit - Adjustable Width 38" - 45"
Hanging Tool Holder for Oil Drain Pan

Optional Rolling Jack & Internal Air Line Kit

Internal Air Line Kit for Dual Rolling Jack Operation for 4P14EFX & 4015E Series 4 Post Lifts
RJ7.5 7,500lb Rolling Jack for 4P14 and 4015 Series 4 Post Lifts (Call for pricing)

Optional Bolt-on Alignment Kit

Bolt-on Alignment Kit w/SS Turn Plates (3D Alignment Compatible) for 4P14 & 4015 Series 4 Post Lifts (Call for Pricing)"

Optional Alignment Rack Lift Package

Includes: 2) 9,000lb RJ7.5, FM SS Turning Radius Gauges, and more (Call for Pricing)"

Challenger 4P14XFX
5,709.25 USD


Features & Benefits

  • 14,000 lb. lift capacity
  • Closed front design with either 182.5" or 210” (extended) wheelbase to accommodate long vehicles
  • 20" wide runways aid for drive-on confidence
  • Louvered approach ramps provide superior traction for driving vehicles on and off ramp
  • 78" rise height, among the highest rise in the industry, provides maximum head room for working underneath vehicles
  • 14-level locking positions, allowing ergonomic working height for technicians to increase productivity and minimize fatigue
  • Powder coat finish provides long-lasting durability
  • Available with red or blue columns


4P14series Four Post Lifts
Challenger Lifts’ 14,000 lb. capacity 4P14XFX economy four post car lift is loaded with features you would expect to pay more for, like louvered approach ramps, solid piece column construction, automatic wheel stops and the highest rise in the industry.  With optional rolling jacks, oil drain pan, etc., you’ll be able to accommodate just about anything that comes in for service and afford room to grow with its reasonable cost.

4P14XFX Specifications

Lift Capacity                                              14,000 lbs.

Max. Wheelbase1                                    210"                                      

A Rise Height                                             78"

B Length Overall                                      22' 9-1/4"

C Width Overall                                        10' 10-3/4"

D Inside Columns                                    116"

E Between Columns                               223 1/2"                                          

F Height of Columns                               90-1/2"

G Width of Runways                              20"

H Height of Runways                             7-1/4""

I Width Between Runways                  Min. 40" / Max. 43"

Air Supply Required                               85 -115 psi

Motor                                                            2HP

Voltage2                                                      208v - 230v

Speed of Rise                                            70 seconds

Min. Recommended Bay Size              12' x 26'

Shipping Weight                                      2600 lbs. 

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