Challenger 4015EFX Closed Front Flat Deck Four Post Lift 15,000 lb

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Optional Accessories Available

32 Gallon Capacity Oil Drain Pan Kit - Adjustable Width 38" - 45"
Hanging Tool Holder for Oil Drain Pan

Optional Rolling Jack & Internal Air Line Kit

Internal Air Line Kit for Dual Rolling Jack Operation for 4P14EFX & 4015E Series 4 Post Lifts
RJ7.5 7,500lb Rolling Jack for 4P14 and 4015 Series 4 Post Lifts (Call for pricing)

Optional Bolt-on Alignment Kit

Bolt-on Alignment Kit w/SS Turn Plates (3D Alignment Compatible) for 4P14 & 4015 Series 4 Post Lifts (Call for Pricing)"

Optional Alignment Rack Lift Package

Includes: 2) 9,000lb RJ7.5, FM SS Turning Radius Gauges, and more (Call for Pricing)"

Challenger 4015EFX
7,290.55 USD


Features & Benefits

  • 15,000 lb. lift capacity
  • Open or closed front design with 182.5?"or 210” max wheelbase
  • 20" wide runways aid for drive-on confidence
  • 78" rise height, among the highest rise in the industry, provides maximum head room for working underneath vehicles
  • 14-level locking positions, allowing ergonomic working height for technicians to increase productivity and minimize fatigue
  • Adjustable lock ladders allow for a versatile install
  • Compatible with the industry’s latest camera imaging alignment systems
  • 80? rear recessed free floating slip plates offer a wider range of 4-wheel alignment capacities and accommodates longer wheelbase vehicles (Alignment models only)
  • Recessed turn plate pockets for easy drive-on (Alignment models only)
  • 7" runway height allows easy access for lower profile vehicles
  • Louvered approach ramps provide superior traction for driving vehicles on and off ramp
  • Available with red or blue columns
  • Premium powder coat finish provides long-lasting durability




 Closed Front Lift

Featuring a maximum wheelbase range of 182 1/2", the 4015EFX accommodates everything from smaller passenger cars and trucks to medium duty fleet operation vehicles for general service. 









Model 4015EFX
    Lifting Capacity: 15,000 lbs.
    (A: )Length Overall: 20' 4-1/2"
    (B: )Width Overall: 11' 2-1/2"
    (C: )Inside Columns: 120"
    (D: )Between Columns: 196"
    (E: ) Height of Columns: 7' 6-1/2"
    (F: ) Height of Runways: 7"
    (G: )Width of Runways: 20"
    (H: )Width between Runways(Min/Max): 40" / 43"
    (I: )Maximum Wheelbase(1:) 182 1/2"
    (J: )Rise Height: 78"
Air Supply Required: 90 -120 psi Clean & Dry
Motor: 2HP
Voltage(1Phase Std.)(2:) 208v - 230v
Speed of Rise: 85 Sec.
Min. Recomm. Bay Size: 12' x 24'
1 Maximum wheelbase is based on a tire diameter of 30".
2 Optional 3 phase electrical also available. Standard lift colors are Red and Blue.

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