Ravaglioli Wheel Balancers

A common thread that runs through all RAV products is simplicity. RAV wheel balancers are simple to operate even when complicated balancing functions are required. Each RAV wheel balancer utilizes our 4 color key pad which means that decisions about operation are few. Most balancing functions are completed without any key selection at all. The RAV balancer intuitively knows what type of weight placement you want then automatically the machine sets itself for that particular mode. You simply lower the hood and it completes the cycle in an average of 6 seconds. The balancer then guides you to proper weight location and amount. The smart software guides the balancer whether you desire tape weight, alloy, static, or dynamic mode. Our upper range machines have premium features such as stop on top, eco-weight program, automatic tape weight placement, tire and wheel eccentricity and optimization, and much more.




Diagnostic Smart Balancer



New Generation 3D Balancer



In AUTO mode the balancer does everything AUTOMATICALLY


G4.140 Touchspin

            Diagnostic Smart





Easy operation thanks to interactive inputs



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