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Mobile lifts are not only convenient, they’re powerful too. The CLHM-185, for instance, has a lifting capacity of up to 148,000 lbs with a set of eight, making it the perfect heavy duty lift. Read the list of features and benefits below to learn more, or contact us for more information.


  • Hydraulic operated unites provide heavy duty lifting capacity from 37,000 lb. (set of 2) to 148,000 lbs. (set of 8) enabling heavy-duty lifting from small cars to large trucks, transit, and municipality vehicles
  • 110 volt built in multi-stage charging system
  • Wireless system for clutter free work area without cables to connect, navigate around, roll-over or replace - No power cords or communication cables to get tangled or damaged
  • Adjustable carriages eliminate the need for small wheel adapters while providing the necessary width to accommodate larger wheels
  • Linear position transducers maintain system synchronization and ensure maximum reliability
  • 12 radio frequencies with a channel range from 100-120 for each frequency to prevent radio noise from interrupting service.
  • Integrated touch screen control console provides easy-to-use and precise operating
  • Precise balanced design, heavy-duty tow handle and spring loaded wheels make moving and aligning individual lift units simple and easy with little effort
  • Battery operated 12 volt deep cycle battery(s) eliminates the need for power source hook ups
  • Integrated weight gauges help prevent column overloading and ensure locks are properly engaged
  • 25 heavy-duty safety locks every 2-1/2" allow technicians to work at an ergonomic height to increase productivity and minimize fatigue

ALI Certification


Certified by the American Lift Institute (ALI/ETL).

CLHM-185 Specifications


Lift Capacity Per Column1                                            18,500 lbs 

A Height of Lift Unit                                                       88-1/2" 

B Height of Lift Unit at Full Rise                                  157-1/8" 

C Width of Lift Unit                                                       44-1/4" 

D Length of Lift Unit                                                     53-5/8" 

E Maximum Lift Height (4) or more units)                  69" 

Maximum Lift Height (2 units - Normal Mode)           32" 

F Min-Max Wheel Diameter                                          5" - 24-1/2" 

Max. Hydraulic System Operating Pressure              3,000 psi

Lift Speed (Max Load)                                                  60" (1524mm) per Min.

Weight of Lift Unit                                                        1,500 lbs (680kg)

Footprint of Lift Unit                                                    560"2 

Ground Pressure for each Lift (Max. Load)               35.7 psi

Turning Radius of Lift Unit                                          47" 

Operating Peak Power                                                 4 hp

Operating Voltage                                                        24 VDC Nominal

Charger Voltage Required                                          120 VAC @ 60 Hz

Charger Amps Required                                             2.5 Amps


*CLHM-185 Wireless/Battery Operated Mobile Columns available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 column configurations with 13,500 lb. per column capacity.
1 Multiply number of columns by "Lifting Capacity Per Column" to calculate overall lifting capacity of configuration

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