Challenger Lifts Mobile Columns

Challenger Lifts offers heavy-duty Mobile Column Lifts options available in 13,500 lb. (CLHM-135) and 18,500 lb. (CLHM-185) capacities. Challenger Lifts' mobile HD mobile column lifts are hydraulic operated, battery powered, and wireless. 


Challenger Lifts' mobile column lifts provide the flexibility and convenience to lift any rubber tired vehicle, from small passenger cars, to the largest two and three axle vehicles up to 148,000 lbs without pits, wires or cables, or compressed air. If you’re looking for convenience and ease-of-use, mobile lifts are right for you. Our heavy-duty Mobile Column Lifts options are also capable of lifting vehicles of any axle length or wheelbase.


  • Mobile HD mobile column lifts feature wireless, battery powered, hydraulic operations
  • Heavy-duty vehicle lifts capacities up to 148,000
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Integrated touch screen controls 
  • Integrated weight gauges included




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