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  • Tire Changer

    Posted on May 31st, 2012 A.A.B 1 comment

    The Leverless Tire Changer

    hunter tire changer

    Hunter TCX575 Leverless Tire Changer

    Tire changers and wheel balancers are an essential part of any automotive shop. Tire changers have exclusive features that operate in harmony to easily and safely change the world’s toughest new performance tires and wheels.

    Some tire changers have ultra-thin floating tool heads that inserts itself between tire and wheel, and pulls up and positions the bead without any levers and less risk of bead damage. This particular type of tire changer is called Leverless tire changers. This operation helps eliminate technicians straining to pull over tough beads, eliminates damage of beads with thick levers, and eliminates rim damage from lever during demounting. Patented tool head inserts itself into tire, pulls bead over and demounts in one fluid down/up motion. Thin, broad head alleviates stress on the bead, while remaining strong enough to withstand the huge forces created by the most difficult tires.

    The wheel support plate center clamps for maximum diameter flexibility. The wheel support plate is also adjustable to three working heights, cam action tightens as wheel turns, and the same clamping method is used for reverse and standard wheels. Simply pushing or pulling the single diameter control arm adjusts the tool head and rollers to the correct diameter. No other adjustment is needed, as the diameter is then set for all four tires.

    These model Tire Changers have simple controls. Three switches and one-foot pedal control virtually all tire changing operations. With the most intuitive controls of any tire changer, it delivers an unmatched cycle time, a short learning curve and few chances for mistakes. These tire changers also has simple clamping. With three easily adjustable clamping heights, no flange plates are needed for most reverse wheels. All offsets and reverses are serviced at the same approximate height. Rubber cover protects expensive reverse wheels from damage. Anti-rotation pin extensions are used with reverse wheels. As the wheel turns, the cam plate rises to exert additional gripping force on the wheel.

    Using blast inflation, a handheld nozzle allows the technician to direct a large burst of compressed air exactly where needed to easily set the bead. A compression trigger and foot pedal protect the operator from accidental discharge. A sensor on the bead-loosening roller detects when the roller is under the rim flange and automatically indents. This allows the tire changer to roll the bead loose instead of forcing it like shovel systems. When backing out, the roller always moves away from the rim then out, to eliminate rim contact.

    Tire changers also have bead press arms that assist in mounting difficult tires. The bead press arm is secured to the tool head controls and is cleared out of the way automatically as the tool head is raised. Bead press arm pushes tire in drop-center for easier mounting. The bead press arm eases de-mounting of a standard tire. The bead press arm is used to press opposite side of tire into drop-center.

    Tire changers have many models and brands that can be found on the internet and in and in automotive shops; along with car lifts, whether new or used car lifts.

    Author: Junior Allen

    Junior Allen is an up and coming expert in the Automotive Shop Equipment Industry, and has been in the business since 2003. You can view more of the products I specialize in at Garage Gadgets, Inc. such as car lifts, used car lifts, bendpak lifts, wheel balancers, and tire changers.



    One response to “Tire Changer”

    1. [...] Tool is lightweight, and very easy to use. Just lay it on the desired work space floor next to the tire changer, and let it do the work for you. Simply rotate the wheel to the position needed to break the bead, [...]

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